Emma Watson, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Attends An Event At Parliament In Montevideo, Uruguay On September, 17

    Emma Watson, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Attends An Event At Parliament In Montevideo, Uruguay On September, 17

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    Harry Potter cast members that have passed away

    Richard Harris (Albus Dumbledore) 1930-2002
    Timothy Bateson (Voice of Kreacher) 1926-2009
    Dave Legeno (Fenrir Greyback) 1963-2014
    Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dusley) 1947-2013
    Robert Knox (Marcus Belby) 1989-2008
    Eric Sykes (Frank Bryce) 1923-2012

    See the full list here.

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    Originally located in Arnhem Land, The Australian College of Sorcery and Witchcraft was a sprawling campus of large huts that eventually coalesced into one single structure. The college detached from mainland Australia soon after British settlement in order maintain their practices and culture. Ever since, the school has been drifting haphazardly in the ocean, although it never strays far from the Australian coast for ancient magic keeps the school tethered to Australian soil. Every year, a team of witches and wizards must be employed to anchor the floating campus so students aren’t forced into a cat-and-mouse chase at the beginning of the year in order to attend school (a frustrating endeavour which often results in the postponing of classes due to a large number of absences). To students’ great enjoyment, various creatures (including the occasional mermaid) can often be found sunbathing around the perimeter of the campus which gently slopes into the water. Due to their exposure to unusually friendly oceanic creatures, the college boasts incredibly extensive courses in aquatic-life studies, and is held in high esteem by the international wizarding community for its innovations in water magic. 
  4. hermiionegrangers:
    omgomg omg whats the new boy at your school like?

    SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT hes called jerome he looks like a disney prince and he always wears baggy shirts tucked into chinos and he has like pale brown skin and brown sweeping hair and hes quite popular but a bit goofy and literally i would let him fuck me in the school canteen bye

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    have you ever seen somebody so impossibly attractive that you completely question their existence and wonder how it’s even possible to look that good

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    Harry Potter Travel Posters - Created by The Green Dragon Inn

    Prints are available for sale on Etsy. Check more of their travel designs here.

  7. Emma Watson, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador attends an event at Parliament in Montevideo, Uruguay on September, 17

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    Popular shops in Hogsmeade

  9. gif battlelinhcinderella vs. ilydraco

    hermione + faceless